91.7 The Edge, WSUW-FM, is a student run radio station that has been on air in Whitewater since 1966. This student organization at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater provides students with a hands-on experience in the radio industry. Whether it be announcing, marketing, sports, production, or news; this organization is the perfect place for those seeking professional experience. The station offers a wide array of opportunities for students from all majors to gain knowledge and experience in the broadcasting field.

The Edge creates a fun environment for students and will continue to provide students with an insight of the entertainment industry. With their annual concert series, Edgefest, the students get a chance to plan and prepare for a five-day event. This includes finding local artists, a venue, and a chance to bring in sponsors to support the station. This concert series is for anyone to attend and they have great acts every night.

I was the marketing director for almost two years at the station and believe it is a great experience for anyone. When I started at The Edge, I planned on a career in radio as an on-air personality. Once I started the marketing director position, my interest for my future career switched to sales in the radio industry. With the experience that I gained through The Edge, I accepted a digital marketing internship along with a possible full-time job after graduation. The experience this organization has given me created so many opportunities for my future and I couldn’t have asked for a better support crew to help me along the way. This is a great organization and if you would like more information checkout wsuw.org or you can email station@uww.edu.