The end of the semester is a very stressful time. With projects, papers, and final exams happening, everyone is looking for various ways to reduce stress. In fact, working under stress can cause your studying or work progress to be less effective than when you are calm! To learn about ways to reduce your stress, keep reading!

  1. Utilize a study group

Find some friends from class that are studying and form a group! It helps a lot to collaborate and work with your peers from class. Who knows? They might have a better understanding of something than you!

  1. Call someone

Personally, I like to call my mom. When I call her, I typically tell her I am taking a break so we don’t talk for too long. She typically makes me a laugh a little bit and motivates me to work hard.

  1. See a movie in the UC

During finals week, the movies are free! So be sure to take advantage of that!

  1. Pet Therapy

The library always has pet therapy going on, or you can always volunteer at a pet shelter, play with puppies at the pet store, or play with your own pet!

  1. Color

The library normally has coloring sheets available or you can print some out online! I personally like to color the Harry Potter ones!

  1. Get coffee

This is my favorite way to destress. However, be sure to get either half-caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine and stress have the same negative side effects and will add on to those. Caffeine can also affect your sleep pattern. So, stick to half- caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee!

  1. Take a break!

I like to watch a funny TV show like The Office or Parks and Recreation. Watching a light-hearted and often comedic show can take your mind off stress and get you ready to start working again soon! You can also take a break by playing some games on your phone or grabbing a snack! Be sure to keep your break short so you don’t get too distracted and lose the momentum you had!

Good luck with finals my fellow Warhawks! I know we can all power through this stressful time.