It’s 9:20am; you have class at 9:30am and you are still fiddling with your keys and suspending your bagel between your teeth only to realize you forgot to print your assignment from last night. Sound familiar? I’m sure you will find it comforting to know that most students have found themselves in your position more than once. Organization in college is hard when procrastination is your full-time job and homework makes even the gym sound like more fun. If your form of a planner is just a sticky note on the floor somewhere, fear not! There is organizational hope! Here are a few tried and true tips that are easy to integrate into your busy schedule:

1. Meal planning

Meal prepping isn’t for everyone. So instead of making five chicken breasts in one night, try coming up with a weekly meal plan. This works great because not only does it give you a reason to peruse the Tasty app for an hour, but it also helps you stick with a healthier meal plan. We all know it is way too easy to crack open the dino-nuggets when we can’t decide what to eat. It also helps unnecessary grocery purchases. You won’t be tempted to buy frozen pizza any longer! Plan meals Monday through Thursday. These can move around depending on your schedule and then the weekend is yours to embrace the sweet aromas of pizza rolls or Chinese take-out.

2. Be a big kid and buy a planner

They may seem tedious, but there’s nothing that a couple of stickers and colorful pens can’t fix. Usually planners seem tedious but personalizing even a plain black and white planner makes it seem like less of a chore, and you will actually remember that test for Monday.

3. Phone reminders

It’s a pretty common practice, but those reminder settings on your phone are a lifesaver. Sometimes tasks are time-sensitive. Phone reminders are great to remind you to print something after class or to go to the gym after work. It is easy, fast, and practically connected to your arm, so no excuses.

4. Give yourself a weekly must-do list

These tasks can be done over the course of the week or all in one day. Maybe it’s calling Mom back, taking out the trash, sending out the electric bill, etc. They should be fairly doable tasks, so don’t set yourself up to finish all your homework for the semester by Tuesday night. The main goal is that no matter what by Friday night these tasks have to get done.

5. Work out twice a week

This is way more do-able than the usual 4-5 days a week. Whether it’s taking a walk, going to a half an hour workout class etc. Just two days a week makes sure you do something active. We highly recommend finding a workout class that you enjoy. The Williams Center has a vast range of classes Monday through Friday for you to try. None of them are over an hour long so it won’t cut too much into your schedule. Plus, it is much easier to stay motivated because you are surrounded with other people working as hard as you.

All of these tips put together make for a well-organized and healthy week. Give it a try!

Rebecca Bailey