Have you ever thought about what would happen if your best friend went to a different college than you? They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when you are separated by many miles, having a long-distance friendship can drive you both insane. It happens all throughout life, after high school, and then even more after college. Just because there is distance, doesn’t mean your friendship has to suffer. In fact, there are certain ways that you and your friend can strengthen your relationship with the distance between you both. When I started college, there were only two other people I knew and that is because I graduated with them. The rest of my friends chose different universities. I’m not as close with some of them anymore, but for the friends that I am still close with, these are the ways we keep in contact even if we are miles apart.

  1. FaceTime

FaceTime is a great way to keep in contact with your friends especially when they are far away. Technology has made it so easy to stay in touch in these situations. Take advantage of the technology you grew up with and make time to FaceTime with your friend, it will make the day so much better for the both of you!

2. Physically Write a Letter and Send It in the Mail

Many will think that this is so old fashioned, but who doesn’t love getting mail unexpectedly? Especially because of technology these days, it never happens anymore. Write about your week, ask them questions, reminisce about what memories you’ve made and just make the letter personal. This is also a great way to clear your head from school and give you some time to relax from homework.

3. Send A Care Package

Sending a care package kind of goes with sending them a letter in the mail. When you are back at home for the summer, your friend might have surprised you at work with coffee or even your favorite candy to make your day. So why not do the same when you are miles apart to make their day unexpectedly? You can purchase yourself a shipping box from Info Services in the University Center to put some of your friend’s favorite things in it. This will remind them that you are thinking of them and the employees at the Info desk will be happy to send your package on its way!

4. Meet in the Middle 

When it comes to long-distance friendship, driving can be an issue depending on the distance. One way to compromise in this situation is to meet somewhere in the middle and commit yourselves to having an adventure somewhere random. Pick a town you have never been to, book a hotel room, and create an adventure you won’t forget with your bestie. It’s a great getaway from school, and a full weekend for you to catch up with one another.

5. Physically Talk on the Phone

Many people stick to texting, Snapchatting, sending memes on Facebook, etc. Try to call your friend on the phone to have a vocal conversation. Yes, texting and Snapchatting is nice when you both have class and you don’t have time to talk, but make time to make a phone call every once in a while. Call them when you’re walking back to your house after class or when you want a study break. Talking to your friend even if it is just for five minutes can reduce stress from school and it is always good to hear your friend’s voice after a long day.

6. Watch Your Favorite Shows Together

With a website called Rabbit, you can binge-watch your favorite movies, TV shows, whatever you want together and chat about it along the way. You can have a video chat while watching The Office on the same screen! Really, what else does a college student need when they want to watch a show with their long-distance bestie?

7. Make Time For One Another

We all know college is busy for everyone and it is hard to keep in contact with friends from different colleges. Make time for one another. It may sound super easy to do, but with different schedules and homework, it is hard to find a time that works for the both of you. Make it a commitment to have one day to talk to your friend, either through a phone call or FaceTime. This will make the distance seem like it’s not too far. If you’re having a hard time finding time, send each other your schedules and compare your free time. It will definitely make your week so much better when you talk to your long-distance bestie.