We all attend the same university, but all have different reasons this school stood out to us the most. Read why some students chose UW-Whitewater.

“I chose Whitewater because I felt like the campus had professors and staff that really cared about student success.  This has been proven time and time again during my time here. The gardens are also super pretty!” –Shauna Volkening

“It was close to home, not too expensive, and the business school.” –Daniel Vlach

“I chose UW-Whitewater because of the welcoming environment and beautiful grounds. I also chose Whitewater because I was interested in the bowling team.” –Paige Mayer

“After transferring from a huge school in a big city, I was looking for something that felt more approachable and home-y.” –Becca Bailey

“I chose UW-Whitewater because of the great business program and it is a cheaper option!” –Jessica Rossignol

“UW-Whitewater has two of my favorite athletic teams. I was given the opportunity to be a manager for the wrestling team on campus! I also loved the location of campus and how beautiful it is!” –Anna Herff

“I loved the feel of campus and I liked the size of the town because it’s similar to my hometown.” –Lauren Roloff

“The cost is affordable and distance! Whitewater also felt like my hometown.” –Taylor Miller

“I chose UW-Whitewater because of the location, cost efficiency, scholarship opportunities, and the business school reputation.” –Jordyn Dutkiewicz