You often hear people say that studying abroad would be an amazing experience. Only a small hand full of these students, actually DO go abroad. In fact, according to a NAFSA study only about 1.5% of students in higher education study abroad. Below are just a few of the many myths about studying abroad.


Myth #1  You think you have time.

You always think you will have time to travel. But in reality, when will you actually have the opportunity to just pick up everything and leave for a summer, semester, or year. Chances are that won’t happen after you graduate so take advantage of your time in college!


Myth #2  Studying abroad will delay graduation.

This is completely untrue. If you are adamant about graduating on time you just have to do your research. There are thousands of different programs and cities across the world that offer classes you need. All you have to do is search the course list offered in a program you are interested in and attend a transfer course agreement meeting. This session allows you to meet with someone from every college and discuss what classes can count towards your major.


Myth #3  You think you can’t afford it.

For starters, there are so many different study abroad programs that cost different amounts. There are even direct exchange programs that allow you to pay the same amount as your tuition at UWW. All you have to do is take the time to look at all the options you have and pick the program right for you and your budget!  There are truly so many ways you can fund your study abroad experience. Hundreds of scholarships are offered from the university you want to attend, from here at UW-Whitewater, locally, and at a national level. If you are a student in the business school, COBE will automatically give you $1000 to go abroad. Outside of scholarships, using some of your own savings is totally worth it. What is a better way to spend the money you have earned than to have an experience of a lifetime? Also if you are worried about not being able to use financial aid, don’t be! It is a very easy process to get access to your financial aid while you are abroad. You simply schedule a meeting at the financial aid office in Hyer Hall before you leave, and the advisor will help you with the process.


Myth #4  You have to know another language.

This is another myth that is often heard, but extremely FALSE! Again, you really need to research schools when deciding where you want to go. Some programs offer classes entirely in a different language, some offer all English speaking classes, and some offer a mix. It all depends on what you want to do.  Along with classes, many people are worried about getting lost and having no one to help you because you do not know the language. This rarely, and I mean rarely, ever happens because so much of the world speaks English.  I studied in Rome, Italy and I was extremely nervous about the language barrier. But I soon realized how many people really do speak English as well as many signs around the city being both in the home country’s language along with English.


Myth #5  Studying abroad won’t help me in my career.

Studying abroad can definitely give you an edge in the job market. Like I said earlier, less than 2% of students in college study abroad. Having that on your resume makes you stick out. By studying abroad you become a more independent person. You are thrown into a completely different culture and are forced to adapt to a new environment. Living in a foreign country also shows that you are sensitive and accepting to people from across the globe. Studying abroad is an additional asset to finding a job after graduation.



After debunking all of these myths, I hope you strongly consider studying abroad. If you want to learn more about the process, sign up for a Global Pathways Advising Session. They are only 30 minutes long and are extremely informative. These sessions are held in the Center for Global Education, located in Hyland Hall 1227. You can also check out the website for additional information: