By Laura Schoenike • @lauras2011

Let’s be honest…meal plans are confusing. How do you know which one is right for you, and that you’re getting the most for your money? First, choose which description sounds most like you, and we’ll lead you to the best meal plan for your dining habits! Keep in mind however, that it’s important to think about all aspects of the meal plan when making your choice, and that you can only change your plan one time before Friday, January 30.









I’m hungry 100% of the time. It’s funny because you think I’m joking.
Have eating habits similar to a small grizzly bear? The fixed 24 meal/week plan is for you! Numbers wise, this plan is a bargain at just $1,250 per semester (including the required $50 in Dining Dollars), which works out to just $3.13 per meal! Plus, with 24 meals each week, you can eat 3-4 meals daily!

I really don’t eat that often. I usually don’t eat breakfast and/or go home most weekends.
Light eater? You’ll be best off choosing either the 10 or 14 meal per week options. Both are very affordable at $1,180 and $1,200 per semester, including $50 in Dining Dollars. This plan works well for Warhawks go tend to skip breakfast or go home most weekends.

I don’t know…I feel like I just eat a normal amount?!
This was totally me my first year at Whitewater. I just wanted the most basic, convenient plan made for your average student. Not Incredible Hulk, not someone who eats like a bird…just average. 19 meals per week is the choice for you, my friend! In my opinion, this meal plan is the most user-friendly, as 19 meals each week works out to three meals a day Monday-Friday, and two on the weekends. Best of all, it costs just $1,225 per semester, which works out to about $3.87 per meal!

I’m a self-confessed very picky eater. I really only like to eat at campus restaurants, and prefer a la carte items instead of the buffet dining hall, and I don’t mind paying more for what I want.
If you have very specific dietary needs that can’t be met by a fixed meal plan, a Dining Dollar Meal Plan may be for you. These plans are a bit more pricey, but the also allow more flexibility, as you are able to redeem Dining Dollars at any campus dining location, not just where meal plans are accepted. Both the Full (cost: $1,310, redemption: $917) and Mega (cost: $1,910, redemption: $1,432.50) options are available.

I live off-campus or commute, but I hate the hassle of having to pack a lunch and buying with cash/credit gets so expensive.
Two words: My Meals. This voluntary meal plan is available only to upper-classmen and those students living off-campus, and it allows you to purchase meals in blocks of 25 which can be used at selected dining locations at any point throughout the entire school year. MyMeals is my meal plan of choice…check out why here.


A few other words to the wise:

  • If you plan to take advantage of the guest meals (using a meal for a friend Thursday night-Sunday) on a regular basis, you might want to choose a higher number of meals per week to get the best bargain.
  • There’s relatively little difference in price from 10 meals/week to 24 meals per week in the fixed meal plans. When in doubt, bump up to the next number of meals per week.
  • Realize you would like to change your meal plan? You can conveniently do so online at this link:
  • To get specific questions answered, stop by the HawkCard Office in UC 250, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm or visit them online at