By Laura Schoenike • @lauras2011


I’ll admit it. I was a doubter, a non-believer in meal plans. In fact, I was pretty convinced that they were just some ploy designed to make college cost more than it already does.

So then how, exactly, am I a senior and using a meal plan? Two words for you my friend: My Meals.

I’d like to be able tell you that I pack my own meals and eat super-healthy 100% of the time. Sometimes, things just get a bit overwhelming, and I find myself crunched for time, in need of a quick way to stop my stomach from sounding like a lawn mower during class. Thus, I look to the convenience of on campus restaurants like Uno Dué Go, Ike Schaffer Commons, and others.  Quickly, though, I realized that eating out is expensive, even if it’s only occasionally.

For example, one of my go-to meal options is a half of a ham and cheese sandwich, side of soup, and beverage at Graham Street Café. Let’s add up what that would cost paying cash at the register:

7.53 (half of a ham and cheese sandwich and side of soup)
1.37 (fountain beverage)
0.49 (sales tax)
Total: 9.39

Using MyMeals, however, that transaction would only cost me $6.92.


What exactly is a My Meal? It’s an optional meal plan for commuting students, upperclassmen, faculty, and staff at UW-Whitewater. Meal plans are purchased in a “block” number of meals (most people start with 25, but 50 and 75 are also available) that can be used at any time throughout the academic year. When you break it down, each meal transaction costs exactly $6.92, and there is no sales tax.


Here’s a table that shows you this breakdown for a few more MyMeals options. Keep in mind that these are not all of the available MyMeal options, just a few of my favorite. For a full listing, check out this brochure.


Enroll in MyMeals:

MyMeals web page:
For more information about MyMeals, contact the HawkCard Office in UC 250 ( or 262.472.1437).

Well Warhawks, hopefully now you’re a bit more in the loop on one meal plan option you may not have known about. Best of luck with the rest of your semester, for studying, hanging out, and enjoying convenient campus cuisine!  Or who knows…maybe I’ll see you in line at Graham Street!