Being a senior and ready to graduate, I’ve realized that senioritis is real.  I have been struggling this entire semester trying to be productive but just not having the energy.  It might have something to do with Gilmore Girls on Netflix or that I’m not ready to graduate and leave my friends and the life I’ve lived for the past 3 years.

I’ve noticed though, some things that help me to keep on track and not straying too far off track.  So here goes: my top five ways to keep on truckin’ it until graduation! Upon graduation I will be continuing on to graduate school, so I will need to keep this up!


1.Start the week out right

Sundays are my day to prepare for the week ahead.  I make my meal plans, go grocery shopping, and even pick out my outfits so I don’t have to worry about getting dressed throughout the week.  I reflect on what lies ahead on my calendar and start making lists (number two on this list) of what needs to get done throughout the week.




To-do list

2.Make a list

I am a huge fan of lists! Everything gets put on a list in my handy dandy notebook.  This includes what needs to get done at some point during the week, the day, and the month.  I keep a grocery list going and any other notes that seem relevant in this infamous notebook.  The lists help me keep on track and motivated to get through the day.




plan3.Do what you planned to do

I know this may sound a little ridiculous but actually commit to what you planned on getting done.  It sounds easy but it can be a challenge.  Setting up my week starts out strong when I am motivated and optimistic on Sunday but when that alarm clock goes off at 6:30am and I’m tired and cozy in my bed, it’s hard to get up and actually be productive.  On the days when I do what I am planned I feel so much more productive and accomplished.




reflect4.Reflect on the big picture

Another big thing that has helped me stay motivated is the end goal.  I have to reflect on why I am in college in the first place and what I want to get out of coming to Whitewater.  Putting my life into perspective helps me to evaluate my future and become motivated again.




movie marathon

5.Allow yourself a break

This may sound counterintuitive but allowing yourself that Netflix binge day or the girls night out/in can really help to distress and become reenergized to stay on top of things.  This is exactly what I did before writing this post, my friends and I vegged out on the couch an ENTIRE day watching New Girl and eating Reese’s peanut butter cups.  This helped me become more motivated to get my lengthy weekend list completed today.




I hope this list was helpful, while it may be obvious sometimes it helps to see it written down and spelled out nice and neatly.  The semester is almost over; you can do it!

*All photos were found via Flickr