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Before I get more into posts that help guide new or returning players, I thought it would be great to tell you about the big latest update to the game! The update came out back on December 21, 2020. It was quite a few months ago, but when researching about the update for this post, I still found things that I didn’t even know about the update! The update included new world areas, farm features, and content/items. The update also included changes to the quality of life, game balance, co-op, and interactions. Since there is a lot of content packed within this update, I will go over the major changes and new connect then provide a source to view all aspects of the update.

New World Area

One of the biggest and most talked-about parts of the update is the new world area that was added within the game. Ginger Island was the new area introduced into the game. Along with this new area came new locations, NPCs, events, items, and quests. Initially, you don’t have automatic access to the island. When you install the update you will get a letter from Willy (the fisherman) asking for help with repairs on his boat. Once you make those repairs then you are able to get to the island. However, if you haven’t finished either the Community Center restoration or Joja Mart’s development quests, you will not receive the letter from Willy. But once you finish one of the paths you will have the chance to go to the island and discover the new content it brings. I will briefly go over what the island has to offer.

A Map View of Ginger Island

Willys Broken Boat

New Island Locations

On the new island, there is a volcano dungeon. This location is similar to the mines and changes every time you visit it. There is also an unlockable resort you can open to let villagers visit the island.

Valcano Dungeon Entry Way
Beach Resort

New Island NPCS

One main NPC with their own backstory, plotline, events, etc. was added within the Ginger Island location. The NPC is named Leo and he lives on the island. A little bit of backstory behind him is that his parents became lost at sea and since he has considered the parrots on the island to be his family. If you build your friendship with him and gain 6 hearts, he will move to Stardew valley.

NPC: Leo

Some other NPCs included within the island are Birdie, Island Trader, and Professor Snail. If you want to learn more about these NPCs, the Stardew Valley Wiki website is a great place to look up these characters


Island Trader

Professor Snail

New Island Items

There are items in the game now that are only accessible at Ginger Island. Golden walnuts and coconuts are the highlighted items within the update. Golden walnuts can be used to unlock new areas and content. On the other hand, Golden Coconuts can be taken to Clint and he can crack them open to find rare island items.

New Island Animals and Mobs/Monsters

With a new area comes new animals and monsters!

  • Dwarvish Sentry
  • False Magma Cap
  • Hot Head
  • Lava Lurk
  • Magma Sprite
  • Magma Sparker
  • Magma Duggy
  • Spiker
  • Stick Bug
  • Tiger Slime
Animals and Cosmetic Critters
  • Gem Bird: spawn in a random island area when it rains, and drop gems when approached.
  • Crabs
  • Caldera monkeys
  • Overhead parrots
  • Marsupial
  • Tropical butterflies.

Now I will talk more about updates and changes outside of Ginger Island

New Farm Features

In the recent update, a new beach farm type/layout was released. This new farmland brings great challenges in developing your farm. I have spoken about this layout in my first Getting Started blog post.

Along with the new layout, a new farm animal was introduced. Now you are able to obtain ostriches as farm animals. To get an ostrich you need to find an ostrich egg which is found by completing a journal scrap or by getting them from chests in the volcano dungeon discussed earlier. Once you have an egg, you. have to incubate it in a barn.


Quality of Life Changes

Lost and Found

Within the game a lost and found box was added to Mayor Lewis’ house. There you can find items from uncompleted special orders, unclaimed items from the fair event, and lost quest items and tools

Other New Content and Features


Now in the game, you are able to enchant your weapons to make them strong. You also have the ability to combine two rings into one.

Special Orders

In Pelican town, there is now a special orders board. The board offers personal quests that are posted by villagers. The question includes more varied goals and rewards, temporary world changes, and post-completion events.

Crops and Trees

The newest update has given players a selection of new crops and trees to choose from. Some of these items come from Ginger Island.

  • Mahogany Tree (drops hardwood)
  • Fiber Seeds
  • Ginger (forage item)
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Taro Root (paddy crop)
  • New palm tree variant
  • Qi Fruit (available during Qi special quest)
Character changes

Almost any type of gamer has had a time where they have wanted to change their character, but they aren’t able to. Now in Stardew Valley, you are able to change your name and gender in the Wizard’s basement shrine.

Improved Sprinklers

If you are a fan of farming in Stardew, you will love this change. You are now able to customize sprinklers with attachments. The Enricher attachments automatically apply loaded fertilizer while planting seeds. The pressure nozzle attachment increases the watering range of sprinklers.

These are just a few areas in which there were new updates or changes. It is difficult to go through all updated content without overwhelming you. I will provide the link to the Stardew Valley page where you will find the full changelog so you can go and explore more of the changes that interest you. I hope that this post gave you an overall idea of the update and all the work and content that was put into it!