For this week’s Getting to Know the Community post, we are going to taking a look at three different characters within the game of Stardew Valley. The three characters we are going to be looking at are Gunther, Krobus, and Dwarf


Occupation and Other Information

Gunther is a villager that operates the museum (Archaeology Center) of Pelican Town. You can find the museum at the southeast corner of the town. At the museum, you are able to donate items, minerals, and artifacts to Gunther and receive rewards from him. You will always find Gunther in the museum from 8AM to 6PM every day. You are not able to marry Gunther and you also are not able to give any gifts to him

Pelican Town Museum


Krobus will be the first monster that I talk about within the game. This little guy is a friendly shadow monster. You can find Krobus in the sewers when you obtain a rusty key from Gunther. However, you may accounter him first on day one of winter during a cut scene. Krobus actually owns his own little shop where he will sell you a range of different items. A fun fact about Krobus is that if you develop your friendship high enough with Krobus he can become your roommate.


Even though Krobus is considered a monster, you can still give gifts to him and develop a friendship with him. Some of his favorite gifts are diamond, iridium bar, and pumpkin. Gifts that Krobus isn’t too fond of are chanterelle, common mushroom, and daffodil. Don’t forget to stop by and give krobus a birthday present on the first day of winter


Last but not least we have Dwarf. This little guy is a resident of the valley and lives in the mines. When you enter the mines there is an unbreakable wall. Behind that wall is where Dwarf is. To break the wall to get to him, you need a steel pickax or a cherry bomb. Beyond the wall, Dwarf has his own little shop like Krobus (his shop is always open). When you first speak to him, you will not be able to understand his language. In order to be able to understand him, you will need to find four Dwarvish scrolls within the mines and take them to Gunther. When you give these scrolls, Guther will give you a Dwarvish Trastiation Guide, so you will be able to understand his language.

List of Items Dwarf Sells

Even though Dwarf is not human, like Krobus, you are able to give gifts and develop a friendship. Gifts that Dwarf loves are amethyst, aquamarine, and emerald. Dwarf also doesn’t like the same gifts that Krobus does. Don’t forget to give him a birthday gift on the 22nd day of summer.

Thats all I have for this week! Make sure to go check out my main blog post for this week about marraige within the game. See you next week!

All photos are from Stardew Valley Wiki