For this week’s Getting to Know The Community post, we are just going to be taking a look at the villager, Harvey. We will talk about his occupation, his freinds and family, and gifts that he likes and dislikes.


Harvey is actually a doctor in the game and has a medical clinic in Pelican Town (His home is within the medical clinic as well). The clinic is open most days from 9am to 3pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he does checkups on villagers, and other days he is at the front counter.

Exterior Look at the Medical Clinic
Family and Friends

Within the game, Harvey doesn’t have any known family; however, he is great freinds with Maru. Maru also works within the medical clinic as a nurse, so you will find her there often.


Like most villagers, Harvey has his likes and dislikes for items he receives as gifts. His top three gifts that he loves are coffee, pickles, and a super meal. On the other hand, Harvey absolutely hats coral, nautilus shells, and rainbow shells. Make sure to swing by the clinic on the 14th day of winter to give Harvey a birthday gift.

That’s all for this post. Make sure to go check out my main blog post this week about the festivals that occur in Stardew Valley.

All images are from Stardew Valley Wiki