For this week’s Getting to Know the Community post, we are going to get to know Leo, an NCP that is from Ginger Island. If you haven’t checked out my previous post about the 1.5 updates, I suggest you check it out to know more about Ginger Island!


In order to locate Leo, you must travel to Ginger Island. Once there he can be commonly found at his hut. Later in the game, once you reach 6 hearts with him and he moves to Stardew Valley, you can then find him in his treehouse located in the mountains.

Leo’s Treehouse

Interior of Treehouse

Interacting With Leo

When you first arrive on Ginger Island and find Leo, he will not interact with your character. Initially, he is too shy to talk to you until you make friends with the parrots on the Island. In my last post, I discussed how Leo considers the parrots of the island as his family since his parents became lost at sea. To become friends with the parrots you must give 10 golden walnuts to a parrot.


Once Leo moves to Stardew Valley, he becomes friends with some of the villagers of Pelican Town. The friends he makes include Linus, Penny, Vincent, and Jas. Based on one of his quotes in-game, it seems that he has a crush on Jas.


Just like most NPCs within the game, Leo has gifts that he likes and dislikes. The top three gifts that you can get for Leo are duck feathers, mangos, and ostrich eggs. Gifts that you should avoid giving Leo are beer, holly, and hops.

All Images are from Stardew Valley Wiki