For this week’s Getting to Know the Community post, we are going to be taking a look at the Wizard. In my past posts, I have talked about the Wizard quite a bit, but now I will tell you a bit more about him. I will talk about what the wizard does, where you can find him, any friends or family he has, and gifts that he likes to receive.

The Wizard


The Wizard, also known as M. Rasmodius, is known as the town’s wizard. Every day, you can find him in his tower which is located at the southwest end of the Cindersap Forest. You can access the tower from 6am to 11pm. If you have access to the Witches Hut, a teleportation rune will activate in the basement of the tower, allowing free passage between the basement room and the Witch’s Hut anytime.

The Wizards Tower Throughout The Different Seasons

Family and Friends

The Wizard doesn’t have any known family within Stardew Valley. However, he does have one good friend, Linus. The villager Linus is seen as an outcast of the town, so it isn’t completely a surprise they are friends since the wizard doesn’t interact with the other villagers within Pelican Town. You will commonly see these two characters standing next to each other distancing themselves from everyone else at festivals and events.


Like most of the other villagers, you are able to give gifts to the Wizard. There are four gifts that the Wizard loves: purple mushroom, solar essence, super cucumber, and void essence. There is a long list of dislike that the Wizard has, but the top for are chanterelle, common mushroom, daffodil, and dandelion

That is all I have for this week! Make sure to go check out this week’s main blog post about the creator of Stardew Valley. There you can learn about the developer that solely created the art, music, gameplay, and dialog for the game.

All images are from Stardew Valley Wiki