For this week’s Getting to Know the Community post, we will be looking at the villager Lewis. Lewis is not only a villager of Pelican Town, but he is also the mayor!

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As the mayor of Pelican Town, Lewis’s job is to make sure that his community is flourishing. You will see him once in awhile visiting different shops and with other villagers. He says he likes to visit to make sure everything is running smoothly. Lewis is also that one that comes by every night to your farm to collect items that you have put into the shipping box that is located outside of your home.

The Home of Lewis AKA Mayor’s Manor
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There is no knowledge of Lewis having any sort of family within the Stardew Valley. However, he does have some fond freinds. One of his main freinds is Marnie, who sells animals and supplies. Through the storyline, we also know that “your grandfather” was great freinds with Lewis. In the letter that contained the deed to your grandfathers land, he asks you to say hi to his good friend Lewis.


Just like any other villager, you are able to give gifts to Lewis. The top three gifts that you want to give to Lewis are Autumn’s Bounty, glazed yams, and green tea. Gifts that you want to avoid giving to Lewis are holly and quartz. Lewis’s birthday is on Spring day 7, so don’t forget to get him a gift for that day!