The New Diesel Train (British rail class 55)

This week will be similar to last week; I will be introducing a new diesel train and a new train game. It will be the second to the last diesel train and game I will be shopping for until more get possibly planned. The two pieces of content learned this week will be the British rail class 55 and Trainz Simulator. Yes, it has a “Z” in it. The British rail class 55 is a prevalent diesel train used often in Europe and is very multi-purposed; pulling freight and passengers on different lines, the train is most prevalent in places like York or England. The train has come in different liveries: “A livery is a uniform, insignia or symbol adorning, in a non-military context, a person, an object or a vehicle that denotes a relationship between the wearer of the livery and an individual or corporate body.” I have seen different colors of green, blue, and sometimes red in other areas of Europe. Train Simulator has been out since I was a little kid, around 2006 or later than this. The game has advanced over ten branches for more than ten decades and has grown to the newest version, Trainz railroad simulator 2019. My love for trains has grown some far because of this game. This game also allowed you to create your maps for trains to own, create different liveries, import other trains from custom content to more. I would say this game is a bit more fun than realistic compared to the train simulator. Train simulator and Trainz simulator are the same game types but different companies with different pros and cons. I would recommend the Train simulator for people who like realistic scenery and graphics, and gameplay. I would recommend the Trainz simulator for custom content, more accessible play style, and creators. Remember to check out the video and picture of the week, and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “The New Diesel Train (British rail class 55)

  1. It’s crazy that there are so many different types of trains and they don’t really get talked about much unless you are directly seeking the information.

  2. I got my first Train Simulator game in 2001, when my father bought it for me from Circuit City. A few weeks ago, I played the current version of the game for the first time in years. I prefer to stick with US Based trains and routes and wish there was a version of Train Simulator dedicated to trains and routes in the US. Sadly, I can’t play it anymore because I just got a new computer because my old one that could run the game had it’s screen break.

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