The Flying Scottsman

Welcome to my page; today’s post will discuss the Flying Scotsman, a famous steam train that has defined and has become one of the most successful builts within train history. This train will almost be 100 years old in a few years, being a part of the LNER (London and North Eastern Railway) railway. Flying Scotsman was built in Doncaster, the newly formed London and North Eastern Railway (LNER). It left the works on 24 February 1923 with number 1472. Sir Nigel Gresley designed it as part of the A1 class—the most powerful locomotives used by the LNER at that time. I have also updated this week’s video for the Flying Scotsman and the picture with the post and photo of the week. Would you please discuss what you learned or enjoyed about the Flying Scotsman? Even put fun historical facts about the train to discuss the many rebuilds it went through. The Flying Scotsman has gone through many rebuilds and is still a living train that flies across the line today. Next week, you will learn about the train’s cousin/ brother. The A4 Bittern class pacific, this train has defined a lot of the history by being one of the fastest steam trains in the world being the flying Scotsman record. We will also introduce our first museum, the national railway museum, which discusses the different trains and historical facts of railroad history. I will introduce the various trains in the museum, the other artifacts it holds, and fun facts in the museum. Stay tuned !!!

5 thoughts on “The Flying Scottsman

  1. I currently don’t know much about trains but I think this is really fun. It’s crazy to think that trains like the Flying Scotsman have been around and been successful for so long.

  2. Super interesting topic! I know absolutely nothing about trains, but my little brother was obsessed with train cars when he was younger, and I live right by the railroad tracks here in Whitewater so I am excited to learn more as I tune into your weekly posts! Thank you!

  3. I’ve been a railfan since I was 5 years old. That’s when I got my first train set. It also may be due to my Autism. Being a railfan is a common trait in people with Autism. The rail line through Whitewater was once owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (the Milwaukee Road). Today, it is owned by the state of Wisconsin and operated by the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad. This railroad is who I want to be employed with after graduation.

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