Monster Eats the Pilot

The theme for this week is two bands with the same singer, Joe Coleta. Monster Eats the Pilot, released in 2008, is his first band he released music with. Unfortunately, the only place you can still hear this is on one person’s Youtube account, but I highly recommend giving it a listen. Beating A Dead Horse starts mid pace, then explodes into a minute long frantic finality. Chauffeur keeps the tempo riding fast. Pieces and Of Love both follow the same song structure and sound. There’s Nothing to See Here is one of the only songs on the album to not start immediately and builds into the song. This album is unrelenting in it’s pacing, with very few breaks to the energetic nature. This is another one note album, it’s easy to go from one song to the next but not know, but it’s a note I highly enjoy.


This album follows a set metalcore formula with plenty of breakdowns following metalcore drum patterns, which includes lots of kick and alternating between various crashes and rides. Vocals range from fry screaming to soft sung choruses. The only standout guitar solo is on We Won’t Get Out Alive, just before rare use of a cowbell pre-chorus. Guitar focuses on single string note verses and barre chords during the choruses. Lead guitar is found sparingly, with most riffs taking places on the second and third strings.


As there’s hardly anything saved from this album, it’s hard to tell the difficulty of how to play the songs. The only one I have managed to learn is Russian Roulette, which relies on single string riffs until the last minute. For drummers, the last minute of Beating A Dead Horse provides challenges in keeping in time.

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