Artist: Bullet For My Valentine Album: Gravity

Gravity, released in 2018, is a shot out of left field for the band. This album is the band’s first to feature pop elements. It’s also unique in the sense that guitar solos take a major back seat compared to their previous albums. I think they pushed the pop on this album too hard, too quick and removed a lot of what made the Bullet for My Valentine sound unique, and this album sounds like a different band entirely. Don’t Need You is the heaviest because of the screaming during the verses. Leap of Faith is a solid mix of old and new and a great start to the album. Over It is the most like old school Bullet, while Not Dead Yet is a good example of the new sound they’re going for. The Very Last Time is the albums hardest push into pop.


Some songs, Over It, still feature lead guitar, but for the most part, lead guitar is missing. There’s also less emphasis on the complexity of their riffs found on previous albums, instead focusing on simpler riffs. Much of the guitarwork stays on the bottom 3 strings with barre chords and plenty of open note riffs. There’s also noticeably less screaming vocals on the album, replaced with more singing sections. Drums feature a good mix of low toms and ride and crash patterns.


Not Dead Yet is easy for both types of guitarists as it’s mid-tempo and the riffs aren’t too complex. The Very Last Time is easy for bassists as there isn’t much variety in the song. Letting You Go is fairly easy for drummers, the only complexity coming from quick kick hits. Don’t Need You is the hardest song to learn for all instruments on the album because of the fast pace. Over It presents challenge for lead guitarists as it features one of the rare lead riffs.

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