To The Pain

Artist: Nonpoint Album: To The Pain

To The Pain, released in 2006, is the band’s last album with the original lineup and second to last with only one guitarist. It has been seen as the bands best release as it contains their largest hit song, Bullet With A Name. The Wreckoning features metal guitar over a typical dance beat. Even the filler songs, Ren-Dish-En and The Longest Beginning offer uniqueness to the album, by being slower and different styles of music. Buscandome features heavy spanish influence. There’s Going to Be A War and Explain Myself? Are the heaviest, while Code Red and Explain Yourself are on the somewhat lighter side. Wrong Before mixes soft and heavy very well, as does To The Pain and Skin.


Vocals on the album range from slight screaming, to regular singing, with some rapping thrown in, like in The Wreckoning. This album is fast paced, and drummers will need quick footwork and rhythm with the cymbals. Guitar features a lot of palm muting, with some barre chords and low string riffs. Bass will follow the rhythm guitar regularly, but does have some standout sections, like in Alive and Kicking. The Shortest Ending uses some unique chords and note progressions, and rarely uses the bottom strings, save for the second half of the chorus.


To The Pain is an easier time for drummers as the majority of hits are on cymbals, with a little challenge of fast kicks. In contrast, To The Pain provides challenge for guitarists as it heavily features triplets in the verse and how the riffs very in style. Buscandome is hardest for bass because of how the patten throws in triplets. There’s Going to Be A War is challenging for all instruments as it shows its thrash influence heavily.

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