Mis-An-Thrope, released in 2017, is Coleta’s most recent musical release, and centers itself heavily in the nu-metal category. Anti-Everything and Remember the Enemy feature rapped verses with metalcore choruses. The albums slow song, Beautiful, haunts with piano and occasional sounds in the background. Dead to Me is a mid tempo song that with a melodic lead. Architects opens with headbanging riff, while FMFY leads to heavy headbanging during the chorus. Rope remains the heaviest on the album, and Dead Inside is a quick paced rush. If you like breakdowns, this is a great choice to listen to.


Much of the guitar work is based around single string notes on the bottom string, with the inclusion of artificial harmonics and pinch bends. There are few lead guitar riffs, found only in Dead to Me, I Exist, and Inside. The drums follow set nu-metal patterns, focusing on snare, bass, and hi-hat patterns that vary by changing out cymbals used, but takes a break once the breakdowns found in almost all the songs begin. Vocals are for the most part, fry screamed, with a few songs, like Disassociate, that feature quietly sung vocals until the choruses and breakdowns kick pack in.


Beautiful is the easiest song on the album for all instruments due to its slower tempo, and doesn’t include guitar and bass until the second half of the song. Rope proves a challenge for drummers as it alternates between fast, slow, and breakdown fills. Architect is a harder song for guitar, as it switches from low notes to pinch bends in each riff and alternating palm muting.

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