Artist: Nonpoint Album: X

X, released in 2018, is the bands 10th album, and is the first one where the lead guitarist had major writing credit. This album also represents a slight shift in tone for the band. Songs like Passive Aggressive and Position One represent a new style for the band, while Empty Batteries and Chaos and Earthquakes are the classic Nonpoint sound. Milestone returns to the bands olden days of rap-rock, while Dodge Your Destiny shows the bands thrash influences. Fix This is the somewhat ballad on the album. Wheel Against Will is the albums fist pumping anthem and Crashing is another energetic song.


On songs like Passive Aggressive, the new style for lead guitar is long sustained notes with large amounts of reverb, a style I’m not a big fan of. Lead guitar is found throughout the album, but tends to hide in the background, like in Dodge Your Destiny. Drumming tends to be simpler on this album, but the velocity of the hits is very noticeable. Vocals range from fast rap to low screaming, back to regular singing, all within the same song.


Fix This is the easiest song for all instruments as it’s the slow song on the album. Milestone will be easy for bassists as it’s clearly heard throughout the song. While the majority of the song is played quickly, those looking for an easy guitar solo can find ease in Empty Batteries solo. Chaos and Earthquakes is the hardest song on the album as the lead riff changes strings every other note. Dodge Your Destiny is the hardest on drums as it features the quickest tempo of all the songs.

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