Introduction to my blog

A quick intro to me. I’m Jacob Bergmann and I’ve been listening to rock and metal for my whole life which is 22 years. I’ve been playing guitar (mostly through tabs and learning by ear) for 9 years and drums (again through tabs and learning by ear) for 4 years, though I focus much more on guitar. Some of my favorite bands include Powerman 5000, Nonpoint, Rise Against, Metallica, Ice Nine Kills, Avenged sevenfold , Taproot, Hail the Villain, Ded, and Breaking Benjamin just to name a few. While listening to music on the radio and YouTube, I’ve found that my music tastes don’t quite line up with what the radio (94.1 wjjo is my local rock station) chooses to play and have found my favorite songs by digging deeper into an album to find its rough cuts. My interest in these genres was sparked by video games, notably games like Nascar Thunder 2004, GTA San Andreas and Rock Band 2, all of which featured great selections and I would put on these games just to listen to the songs in the case of the first two, with Rock Band I would prefer to play the game to hear the song.

In this blog, Nature of the Song, I review both new releases from the Rock and Metal genres as well as review previous albums that I enjoy or have some things to say about. I look at both the overall music as well as analyzing some techniques used in the songs by individual instruments. I also give insight on my favorite songs and songs that I think deserve more credit than they receive.