Population: Declining

Artist: Hail The Villain Album: Population: Declining

Population: Declining, released originally released in 2008, then re-released in 2010, is the only major label release from the band. This album is energetic hard rock at its finest, with songs like Runaway and Pyro bringing all out energy. Take Back the Fear and Evil Has A Name bring the place down slightly, while My Reward and Social Graces pick right back up with sixth string guitar riffs. 16 Cradles and Try Hating the World vary up the album by having bridges that change the tempo mid song.


This album is fairly easy for guitar as it, along with Tonight The Stars Revolt, is one I’ve learned to play from start to finish. Much of the guitar work is four chord choruses and single string riffs. There are a rare few guitar solos, found in Runaway, Swan Dive Suicide, and Pyro. Drum patterns revolve around simple hi-hat, snare, and kick sections, that alternate between hi-hats and other cymbals. Vocals range from singing to fry screaming and alternate throughout songs, though much of the vocal range is high in the register.


For those looking to learn this album, Pyro provides an easy guitar solo, with two different triplet hammer ons, and one bent note at the end. Take Back the Fear is easiest for rhythm guitar because the song is four chords and two single riff sections in two different places on the fretboard. Despite it being the slowest, Swan Dive Suicide is the hardest for guitar because of the multiple guitar solo’s between verses. Drummers will find Swan Dive Suicide easiest with its slow hi-hat pattern, and Try Hating the World hardest due to the speed of the song. My Reward will challenge bassists to play the rhythm section during the guitar solo.

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