Artist: Starset Album: Transmissions

Transmissions, released in 2013, is the band’s debut effort, another concept album dealing with sci-fi themes and control, and was a strong release, earning much radio play with My Demons and Halos. First Light is a filler song, but one of the greatest song of its type that I’ve heard, setting the stage for the album. Down with the Fallen is this albums sing-along anthem, and My Demons is the other sing along hit. Rise and Fall closes this outing with ferocity. Carnivore and Halo are on the heavier side. It Has Begun and The Future Is Now both feature an extended ending, while the former features a guitar solo and the latter is slamming drums and screaming, both are great points. Telescope and Antigravity are on the slower side, while Dark on Me and Point of No Return are the poppier outings on the album.


This album isn’t too complex in its instruments. Guitar tends to follow barre chord patterns and lead is single string notes, most held for periods of time. Most of the album is sung cleanly, but a couple of songs, Down with the Fallen and Rise and Fall, feature some screaming during the bridges. Much of the drumming is hi-hat and cymbal patterns, but toms are thrown in throughout to create a manageable mix of the two.


My Demons is hardest on drums, just because of the hi-hat fills in the beginning. My Demons is also easiest for bassists as it keeps a none note pattern. The Future is Now is fairly easy for guitar due to its barre chord patterns, not changing often. It Has Begun is the hardest for guitar because of the outro solo. The Future is Now is hard as well for drums as the ending requires a fair bit of energy to sound right.

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