Tonight the Stars Revolt!

Artist: Powerman 5000 Album: Tonight the Stars Revolt!

Tonight the Stars Revolt, released in 1999, is the largest album released by the band and their first to go all in on Sci-Fi themes. The tempo remains in the middle range, with only Watch the Sky For Me, the band’s take on a 50’s jazz tune, and System 11:11, a minute long three note song with 20 seconds of rapping at the end, being the slower ones. The verses during When Worlds Collide features heavy dance influence. The ending to They Know Who You Are quickens up the pace, while Blast Off To Nowhere features the most screaming on the album. Nobody’s Real keeps a steady beat and Tonight The Stars Revolt feature the most screaming to be found.


Musicians will find this album on the easier side. Much of the guitar work is barre chords played slowly enough to hear all the changes. A few songs, Automatic and Supernova goes Pop feature a lead riff that constitutes of single notes and sliding between them. Much of the guitar work is barre chords and palm muting. Drumming patterns remain very simple, with heavy focus on hi-hats, bass, and snare. This is another album where the bass follows the rhythm guitar to a T, with almost no stand out sections.


Drummers will find Nobody’s Real to be the easiest, with a simple hi-hat pattern throughout the song, just changing to a ride during the chorus. I’ve always found When Worlds Collide to be the hardest on drums, but that’s just cause I can’t get the verse down. Guitarists will find Blast Off To Nowhere to be hardest due to the standout guitar solo on the album. For guitar, this album is relatively easy as it’s one of two albums I’ve learned to play front to back.

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