The Stage

Artist: Avenged Sevenfold Album: The Stage

The theme for this week revolves around concept albums again, but this time, both have a space theme. The Stage, released in 2016, revolves around space exploration, AI enlightenment, and human actions over the course of time. Exist spans over 15 minutes, going from fast to slow to fast again and features a four minute ending voice over from Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Simulation alternates between slow and fast and evolves into the heaviest bridge on the album. The Stage brings on heavy guitar leads. Goddamn embraces the bands metalcore roots, and Sunny Disposition mixes metal and folk music.


This album will be great challenge to all musicians. Every song features at least one guitar solo, and plenty of lead riffs. As the tempo of the album is set to rapid, even rhythm guitars will struggle to keep up with alternating between muted and unmuted notes. Drumming patterns include fast hi-hat patterns, and various tom fills, with plenty of double bass sections mixed in to keep both feet tense. Vocals on the album stay just below screaming, but still with a lot of energy put in.


The easiest song for all instruments is arguably Angels, because of it’s slower pacing. Simulation will also be an easier time until the choruses kick in. All instruments will find Exist to be the hardest, but lead guitar especially as the first six minutes are essentially one long guitar solo. The intro to The Stage pushes drummers to keep up with fast tom rolls and keep the kick in time.

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