Vessels (2.0)

Artist: Starset Album: Vessels (2.0)


Vessels (2.0), is a remastering of sorts of the band’s Vessels album released in January of 2017. The 2.0 version brings slight changes to the songs, such as adding more orchestral elements to the pre-chorus of Bringing It Down. The album also features heavily incorporated pop and EDM elements, found during the chorus of Last to Fall, and throughout Monster. The first half of Everglow follows a slow EDM pattern before roaring back with all instruments one last time. Heavier songs include Back to the Earth, Bringing It Down, and Satellite. The album also continues Starset’s trend of including orchestral elements at the ends of songs. Monster is the largest hit single and it mixes all the old and new elements into one song. Songs like Telepathic and Ricochet go all in on the EDM elements. Opposed to Bring Me the Horizon’s Amo, this album remembers to keep the rock in the album with the extra elements and I think it’s much better for it.


Guitarist patterns for this album include many barre chords, such as found throughout Satellite. Drumming patterns tend to be simpler on this album compared to other bands, with much less kick drum. Bass tends to follow the guitar throughout the album, with rare standout sections. Vessels focuses on singing and leaves screaming to a few select songs, mostly in the breakdowns of Frequency and Bringing It Down.


Last to Fall may be the easiest to learn because of its slower pacing and for guitarists, three chord chorus. Monster is another easier song as it keeps the slow pacing across all instruments. Guitarists will find the hardest song to be Frequency due to how it’s one of few that deviate into single note riffs opposed to chords, along with Bringing It Down. Drummers will find the most challenge from completing the breakdown of Bringing It Down because of it’s quick use of the kick drum.

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