Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere

Artist: Powerman 5000 Album: Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere

Back to reviewing an older album, this one came out in 2009 and has remained one of my favorites. Powerman 5000 are one of few bands that can change genres between albums and still sound like themselves, and on this one they created their most metal album to date. The only problem I have with this album is it has 11 tracks, two and a half of which (Intelligent Beings and Technology Eats Its Young) are fillers. As for the heavier songs, Show Me What You Got and Make Us Insane both feature roaring guitar riffs. The standout song on the album easily goes to Super Villain, while the simplicity of V is for Vampire gets a nice change of pace during the solo. There are traces of Powerman’s earlier nu-metal days on the song Horror Show.


Sonically, this album is on the simpler side. The drumming pattern follows a rather simple pattern, such as the one used in Super Villain. There are only a few sections of lead guitar, and rhythm remains reliant on barred chords. Typical bass patterns on this album are reminiscent of AC/DC, which comes to light during the bridge of Super Villain. Spider’s vocals range from low whispers on songs like Get Your Bones to just below screaming on Time Bomb. For beginning musicians, Super Villain provides a basic drumming pattern and bass riff, while V Is For Vampire on rhythm guitar remains relatively simple. For those looking to push themselves, guitar players will find challenge keeping up with the solo in Time Bomb, while drummers require good hand and foot coordination to keep the beat on Do Your Thing, and bassists will enjoy challenging themselves to learn Make Us Insane.

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