Artist: Eighteen Visions Album: Vanity

Vanity, releases in 2002, is a divisive album among Eighteen Visions fans. Some see it as the beginning of the end of their heaviness while others see it as the beginning of the bands “commercial” success. I view this album as the last of their original style, but with a hint of the upcoming style, granted I like both styles so it doesn’t mean much to me.


Some songs to note are Vanity, which balances out very well with having soft and heavier bits. One Hell of a Prize Fighter and Sonic Death Monkey remain the two heaviest songs on the album. I Don’t Mind is a great mid tempo song with a ending breakdown reminiscent of Pantera.

You Broke Like Glass is always great to head-bang during the chorus. As this was the start of a softer side, Gorgeous is the first Eighteen Visions song using only acoustic guitar. Love In Autumn does a good job of building upon itself, then slowly fading off.


Musicians, this album is a two sided coin. Guitarists get easy songs like Gorgeous, which uses only strummed chords, and Love In Autumn and challenging songs like One Hell of a Prize Fighter, with lots of alternate picking and the Critic. Lead guitarists won’t find much that differs from rhythm guitar, as there’s no flashy solos and few lead sections. Drumming sections alternate between standard hard rock patterns, like the verse in I Don’t Mind, while also dealing with blast beats and double bass drum heard throughout One Hell of a Prize Fighter. Bassists won’t see much variety as they tend to follow the rhythm guitar with no real standout sections.

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