The Silver Scream

Artist: Ice Nine Kills Album: The Silver Scream

Onto an album that came out late last year, The Silver Screen has quickly become one of my favorite albums. It’s a concept album about different horror movies with each song being a different movie. The album is comprised half of fast paced metal core like IT Is The End, The Jig Is Up and Thank God It’s Friday; which may be slower but somehow heavier. There’s some hard rock songs like Savages, probably the most upbeat song on the album, The World In My Hands with its great main riff, and Freak Flag the most mid-tempo song on the album. There’s also a couple of slower songs A Grave Mistake, Love Bites, the slowest on the album. Other highlights include Enjoy Your Slay, with elements of all three categories, Rocking the Boat with its tremendous breakdown leading into a redone Jaws theme and Merry Axe-mas with the bridge switching genres into deathcore territory.


For musicians this album will be a challenge. Lead guitarists will have to be comfortable with their sweep picking and playing on 7 strings. Vocalists will have to decide which parts to sing due to verses in songs like Thank God It’s Friday having two vocalists going at it in quick succession of each other with the main vocals being low screams and the backup vocals being fry screams. Drummers will need quick feet to play the multiple double bass drum parts. If you’re just starting out, A Grave Mistake on any instrument is a good choice, The World in My Hands may seem hard, but with practice can become trivial. Drummers can look to Savages for some simple patterns to follow and bassists can look to Love Bites for a simple bass line. For the harder to plays songs, guitarists and drummers will be pushed on Merry Axemas and Stabbing In The Dark due to their quick tempos, double bass drums and for guitarists heavy use of tapping, while bassists can find challenging lines in The Jig Is Up.

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