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For many people changing ones oil is something that was always left up to the professionals. However the process is actually quite simple and easy, as long as you have a few basic tools. First off most cars recommend getting an oil change every 3,000 miles. This is fairly accurate for the average car, but there are companies out there who need a change say after 5,000 miles. Knowing what kind of car you drive is the first most important thing when changing oil. Every car is different and uses a variety of amount and types of oil.

In order to get started with this you will need a few tools and materials first. It would be best to keep shop rags or towels handy because there will most likely bit a bit of oil spilled. You would also need a catch for all of the previously used oil, along with this would be a ratchet along with a socket set in order to get the drain plug out. Lastly a pair of oil filter removers would need to be purchased. Along with these tools you will need to proper oil along with an oil filter, which should be replaced every time you get an oil change. a cars type of oil can usually be found on the oil cap under the hood. The oil filter is a bit more tricky though. Having many variations in sizes and threading it would be best to ask someone at an automotive store for advice. Any automotive store should have all of these products, along with hardware store as well. The last thing you will need to do this job would be jack stands. These are used to hold the car up while you crawl underneath it to release the oil plug. The total time for a process like this should take about 25 minutes depending on the locations of ones oil filter. The price for an oil change will cost between $20 and $80 depending on the quality of both oil and oil filter than is purchased.  Below I will include a step by step process of exactly what to do.

1. Lift car to access oil plug

2. Remove oil plug allowing the oil to drain in pan

3. Once finished removing the old oil replace the oil plug and hand tighten

4. Locate oil filter

5. Remove oil filter

6. Replace oil filter and gasket with it, tighten down by hand

7. Add new oil according to vehicle specification

8. Replace oil cap and allow car to run for 30 seconds

9. Check oil and make sure its at an adequate place