Taken By: Lucas Roberson

There are many different products throughout the automotive industry that are used to clean both the inside and outside of them. But when it comes to rims and tires this could be one of the most toughest things to clean or detail. One of my all time favorite products to use here is a brand called Mothers. A little more expensive than the competition but is well worth it in my opinion. Mothers offers a long lasting shine and coat to protect both the rims and tires. Working tire and rims cleaners can be found at a variety of places. Such as, O’Riley’s, Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, and Napa. All of these places will carry these basic products for a fairly minimal price point. Getting two different products, both a rim and tire cleaner will help for best results. The total price for doing this process should be about $15 to $20. On average about 10 dollars per product bottle/can. The proper time allotment for this job would be about 30 minutes. Below will include a step by step process on exactly how to properly clean your rims and tires. Some other materials you will need for this job will be as follows, micro fiber towels, light soft gloves, eye protection, and water access.

1. Wash and dry rims and tires with basic automotive soap

2. Rinse and dry both rims and tires

3. Apply product to both rim and tires and let soak for up to 5 minutes

4. After soaking rinse of the tire off

5. Rinse by hand the rims

6. Allow to dry and watch shine


*Rim and tire cleaning products vary in the application process as well time allotment