Welcome Back Students! Have Canvas issues?

Welcome to the Fall 2019 Semester!  Here is what you should know for the Fall Semester.

  • Courses may or may not have a Canvas component. Instructors have the option to use Canvas for their courses, but not all do.  If you aren’t sure if Canvas is utilized for your class, be sure to ask your instructor.  If you are just enrolling in a course now, be aware that it can take 24-48 hours for that enrollment to move from WINS to Canvas.
  • Canvas 24/7/365 support is available for all users.  Most students are already familiar with the D2L Support Form, but what happens when a student needs help with Canvas?  You can contact the Canvas 24/7/365 Support team.  You can find the Chat and E-mail options on both the Canvas Login Page and in the Help button in the lower left hand corner after you are logged in.  If you prefer to call someone, you can reach the 24/7/365 Support at 1-833-811-3207.
  • Self-paced Student Training Course is available. Anyone interested in receiving an introduction to Canvas before the start of the semester can self-enroll in the state provided Canvas Student Training course http://go.uww.edu/canvas-student-training

If you have questions regarding the Canvas Transition, please contact the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back Students! Have Canvas issues?

  1. I can’t get any of my video assignments to upload and it’s causing me to now be late with an assignment I’ve tried different ways multiple times

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