Recent LTC Staff Conference Presentations

Over the last two months, some LTC staff members have made presentations, and co-chaired a workshop, at national conferences.

Learning Technology Center

In October, Director of Learning Technology Nicole Weber co-presented Improving the learning experience through innovative strategic partnerships at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado.

In November, Learning Technology Specialist Andrew Cole co-chaired a workshop, Playing with Open Educational Resources (OERs): What communication faculty need to know, at the Annual Convention of the National Communication Association in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Also in November, Director of Learning Technology, Nicole Weber and Matt Vick presented Adaptive learning 101: How professors and learning technology centers can collaborate to launch a new adaptive course and
A discussion about adaptive learning and discussion boards: What role can they serve and what value can they have? at the Online Learning Consortium’s Accelerate International Conference in Orlando, Florida.

For more on the Learning Technology Center, please see the LTC website.