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    Best Backpacks

    When it comes to ultimate I think a good backpack for a game or long tournament is often overlooked. Some important factors Water resistant material – in ultimate we often have to play in the rain and nothing is worse than coming back to your bag and phone completely soaked Cleat compartment – necessary to have a separate compartment to keep stinky cleats away from the rest of your things Ample storage space – ultimate is a weird sport where you need plenty of things on the sidelines in-between games, a light and a dark jersey, snacks, water, extra cleats, gloves, etc.  While I have tried a few different bags…

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    Choosing the Right Cleats

    Cleats can really make or break your performance on the field. Wearing uncomfortable cleats can cause terrible blisters, ankle sprains and just be an overall crappy time. When I started playing, I used soccer cleats because they are light, but quickly realized they were not for me as they don’t have enough support for my feet. Soccer cleats also do not have as much traction as lacrosse, football or ultimate specific cleats which is why I would not consider them the best option for ultimate. I think they are an okay choice for players that grew up playing soccer and do not want to switch to something else. For players…

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    What Should I Buy? Ultimate Gloves

    With the first Flatball blog, I will be taking time to go over an important product review for the sport of ultimate which is gloves. I will be going over the three most popular glove brands in ultimate; Friction, Layout & Mint then giving my personal preference of which is going to give you the best advantage on the field. The first and most popular brand in ultimate would be Friction gloves. Friction claims that they will improve both your throwing and catching by offering great no matter the condition. They say that they are also more durable than their competitors with reinforced thickness that won’t give away after laying…