My Journey

A little bit about myself and my ultimate journey.

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    My Ultimate Journey pt. 2

    Today’s blog post is a follow up from last weeks about myself and my ultimate journey. In the days leading up to last Saturday’s tryout my stomach was in knots. I did light workouts to make sure I would be fresh and ready come Saturday morning. It was very tough to prepare for, given we knew nothing about what drills we may be doing and what was in store. The one thing I did do to prepare was work out with a mask on when at home in hopes to be better accustomed for the 3 hour tryout with a mask. The tryout started with some normal warmups and stretching…

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    My Ultimate Journey

    This week I wanted to take some time to talk about myself and how ultimate has impacted my life and my journey through the sport. I did not learn about ultimate until my senior year of high school after dislocating my knee and being cut from the baseball team. For my first year of ultimate, it was just something fun to do and I did not take it very seriously. After my first few years of college in Minnesota, I chose to transfer to UW-Whitewater to be a little closer to home and that was also when I found ultimate again. I had some friends on the team and started…