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AUDL Schedule Released

This week the AUDL schedule was released for the upcoming season. There are a few interesting things to note with the upcoming season. First with some things still being up in the air due to COVID-19 in the US, the 3 Canadian teams will only be playing each other and not coming to the US for any games, including playoffs. This really is a bummer because the Toronto Rush and Montreal Royal made playoff runs last season and now will not have a chance at getting near a championship. The next important thing to note is the addition of the Boston Glory. Though they will be in an already stacked division, I think they will have a chance to finish high, due to the incredible ultimate community that Boston has. Many great players from Boston were driving to New York to play for the Empire but now that there is a team closer to home I think players will come together and make some waves in the Atlantic division. Another important change for this season is that the league was condensed into 3 divisions and teams will only be playing other teams within their division. There will now be 8 playoff teams instead of just 4 with 2 teams coming from the West and Central divisions and then 4 teams coming out of the massive Atlantic division. I think this season will be very interesting for many reasons, not just the new rules due to COVID. It will be interesting to see what teams and players were able to stay in shape over their time off and which teams maybe lost a step. In addition to this the AUDL is slowly starting to see the emergence of super teams as players are starting to move around to make clear favorites in each division. For example, the New York Empire, reigning champions from last season seem to be set up for another incredible season with a stacked roster. For the Central division the once great Madison Radicals lost a few players to the Chicago Union, who have made a ton of offseason moves and appear to be the new favorite of the division. It will be interesting to see this division play out with new favorites, the Radicals who almost always win the division and the up and  coming Minnesota Wind Chill. As for the West division there seems to be only two teams with the potential to make it out of this division and that’s the San Diego Growlers and Dallas Roughnecks. San Diego has made some big additions by taking players from Seattle and Dallas has taken some of the Austin Sol’s best players. It will be an interesting season to se if these teams preform how they are expected or if any Cinderella teams make a run in the playoffs! Check out the full schedule at

Below are 2019 Ben Jagt Highlights, who was the MVP of the last season playing for the New York Empire. 

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