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Back to the Basics: Cutting

Last week we went over what a handler is in Ultimate and what their role is on the field, this week we will be going over the other position: cutter. The analogy I used last week for handler is that they are like the quarterbacks on the field, using the same comparison to football, cutters would be like wide receivers. Cutters can still be great throwers like handlers but typically cutters are the more athletic plays that can go grab a jump ball out of the air and tend to get all the points. Like wide receivers in football, cutters must have great footwork to create separation between them and their defenders quickly to get open. Cutters also need to be in great shape because they are typically the ones running and making cuts over and over again until the point is over. Each position compliments the other and for a team to be great, teamwork and communication is needed between the players in both positions to keep a team from falling apart at the seams.

Below are some tips to becoming a better cutter:

  • Make sure cuts are towards and away from the handler, not across the field
  • Change tempo when cutting- it is easy to guard someone who is always jogging and a cutter that is non stop sprinting will not last more than a few cuts
  • Commit to your cut- if a cutter is not decisive it will result in turnovers because the handler does not know what you are doing
  • Know who has the disc- if the person with the disc cannot throw it 50 yards to the end zone then do not make a cut 50 yards downfield, it will just be a waste of energy

Here are some amazing plays from some of the best cutters in the world, check it out: 


  • Allison Sheline

    I have never seen a video of game play of ultimate frisbee so I really enjoyed the video you included on this blog post. I feel like it takes a lot of skill and talent to play a sport like this so I find it very interesting! I also like how you explained what a cutter is and then gave tips on how to be better at it.

  • Ryan Piontek

    Really cool information about “cutting” and ultimate frisbee in general. I am part of the disc golf club here at UWW. I don’t know if you like disc golf or hate it but I just thought about the idea because of our frisbee related sport! Cool info.

    • Shane Otis

      Thanks for the comment Ryan! I personally like Disc golf, it definietly is a close relative to Ultimate and I think our sports need to do more to come together! Though truthfully I am pretty terrible at disc golf and have a lot to learn.

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