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    AUDL Schedule Released

    This week the AUDL schedule was released for the upcoming season. There are a few interesting things to note with the upcoming season. First with some things still being up in the air due to COVID-19 in the US, the 3 Canadian teams will only be playing each other and not coming to the US for any games, including playoffs. This really is a bummer because the Toronto Rush and Montreal Royal made playoff runs last season and now will not have a chance at getting near a championship. The next important thing to note is the addition of the Boston Glory. Though they will be in an already stacked…

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    AUDL vs College/Club Structure

    Today I thought I would talk about the league structure of Ultimate league and games. This will include, college, club and the professional level. I will start with the AUDL (professional) level and then work my way down explaining how games and leagues work at these levels. The way ultimate tournaments are handles is much different than many other spots and truthfully I think needs to change.  The AUDL The professional league runs their games and the league in a way that is most common among other sports. There is a 12 game season (was 15 but shortened due to covid for the upcoming season) where teams play their division…