“Fire Nagy!” The Chant Heard Around the World.

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December 3, 2021, at 3:40 PM

“Fire Nagy!” — Chicago sports fans continue to express their displeasure with Bears coach Matt Nagy at games — regardless of the sport and venue. Bears fans unleashed the chant during the Week 11 loss to the Baltimore Ravens — the Bears’ fifth straight before a Thanksgiving win against the Detroit Lions. The chant has echoed at just about every Chicago sporting event that has taken place since they’ve begun. Fans have even started chanting “Hire Nagy!”

The “Fire Nagy!” chant will most likely continue Sunday at Soldier Field if the Bears can’t keep up with the 9-2 Arizona Cardinals. The frustration, longtime Bears fans have been going through this for a long, long time, so I understand it, but it’s not helping the situation. I feel like it’s just making it worse. Although I personally would like Nagy to be gone, we’re still human, and not many people want to be booed at their jobs. It’s just another thing the Bears have to tune out as they try to focus on their final six games — and the uncertainty of the organization’s leadership after that.

Like most scenarios, coaches always do a good job at showing resilience and blocking out ongoing job speculation. I feel like it’s got to be tough, but for him to come in and still lead the Bears and not show any signs of weakness or letting that affect him, that says a lot about him and his character. I feel like it’s tough, but he’s handled this situation very well.

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  1. I think some coaches can get very into the game and hope for the best and all the can do is stand at the sidelines.

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