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Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting, Student Work on December 21st, 2018 by Eric Appleton

It’s the end of the semester, and our third show has come and gone already. “Ghosts” was directed by Bruce Cohen, and featured scenery by student Lilliana Gonzalez, and props by student Alex Carey. My big project on this one was painting the drop that hung upstage beyond the windows and French doors. Here’s one end of it still on the floor as I was completing it:

One of the props was a painting that had to be worked on (and we’re in thrust configuration, mind you) AND destroyed every night by the actor:

The director wanted to immerse the audience in the Alving’s living space, so we had walls that wrapped most of the way around the seating area. Also in this picture is the model of the school that serves as a major plot point, and serves as a focal point for the space:

Here’s a view upstage during one of the dress rehearsals:

And one that covers more of the playing space:

Devon’s Hurt

Posted in General Production, Scenic Painting, Student Work on November 12th, 2018 by Eric Appleton

And our second show of the semester was “Devon’s Hurt.” We do one performance on campus, and then tour it to area schools. This one had a student lighting designer, Megan Grove, creating her first realized lighting design. Here is the show in the Barnett Theatre in preset:

And two scenes:

And two photos taken by the student stage manager Michelle at two of the schools they toured to:

That’s director Kymberly Mellen there in the foreground watching the set up.

Strong Poison and Scenic Painting

Posted in General Production, Production Photo, Scenic Painting, Student Work on May 10th, 2018 by Eric Appleton

A few weeks ago, we opened our final production of the season “Strong Poison.” Here are some photos from the final dress rehearsal:

And since we’re also in the final week of classes now heading toward exam week, here are the projects students in the scenic painting independent study seminar are working on:

Strong Poison

Posted in General Production, Production Photo, Scenic Design, Student Work on April 23rd, 2018 by Eric Appleton

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, as we finished construction on “Strong Poison” and moved into technical rehearsal. First, a few construction photos:

Two students spackling and sanding one of the bookcases:

A member of the prop team applying some tender love and care to one of the chairs:

A bunch of the shelving waiting to be painted:

The set itself, half painted and awaiting those book shelves to be installed:

The view from behind the tech table as we wait to get rolling at first tech the other night:

And finally, student SM Sami calling the show during tech:

Strong Poison

Posted in General Production, Scenic Design, Student Work on April 9th, 2018 by Eric Appleton

Not only is construction of “Strong Poison” in full swing, light hang started on Friday!

Here’s student LD Alex, student ME Nick, (I’m not sure, but Abby might be an AME. . . forgive me if I’m not giving her proper credit) and two other students reviewing the plot:

Prepping units:

And teams finishing up the over stage part of the plot:

There’s also painting going on, which has been one of my projects:

Though here’s student Ryan working on some of the window frames, as well:

In the shop, all sorts of stuff is going on! Here TA Lilliana supervises pulling lumber for trim:

And here’s lumber being ripped down for the trim:

TA Megan seems very happy to explain a drawing to Katie (off-camera):

But is all business when explaining the table saw to two students who haven’t used it before:

Finally, tech director Ruth helps get the router set up for the creation of the trim:

Student Scenic Painting

Posted in Scenic Painting, Student Work on March 5th, 2018 by Eric Appleton

We’re doing an independent study seminar on scenic painting this semester, and the three students have finished their first major project — “Lining a Lichtenstein.” This project is intended to exercise transferring and enlarging an image, color matching, observing detail, and working on lining with a lining stick. Here are Alex, Michelle, and Emily proudly presenting their finished work!

Street Scene

Posted in General Production, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, Scenic Painting, Student Work on February 27th, 2018 by Eric Appleton

We opened “Street Scene” on Sunday. The past few weeks were very busy, and I did not manage to take much in the way of process photos. However, below are pictures from the final dress rehearsal on Friday. Of note are the student stage manager, student sound designer, student supertitle designer, and the fact that I had a student ALD helping me on the lighting (I did both scenery and lighting design on this one). It was directed by Kymberly Mellen, who is new to our department this year. Cast-wise, it’s the largest number of performers on the stage since I’ve been here at Whitewater, and a two story set added to the technical complexity. We made it to the finish line, though.

The top of the show, and how hot it is:

Mrs. Maurrant sings of her loniliness and how trapped she feels:

Mr. Easter tries to tempt Rose with Broadway:

“It’s a murder!”

Rose confronts her father after his capture:

And the cycle continues — how hot it is. . .

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Posted in General Production, Student Work on October 27th, 2017 by Eric Appleton

Last night was Second Dress, and things are close to being done. Here are a few photos from the rehearsal, featuring the work of student lighting designer Mason Ronan, student set designer Nathan Broege, student sound designer Michael Meschke, and faculty costume designer Tracey Lyons. Student Lauren Severson is the stage manager, and the props team were students Kenneth Ryan and Nathan Hancock. Directed by Bruce Cohen.

Here’s Mason working on some cue notes:

And then board operator Alden waiting for things to get rolling:

The Narrator gets things rolling:

And takes us into the Throne Room:

The captain arrives:

And the Empress enters:

The poor thespians beg for money to rebuild their theatre:

An example of the son’s acting ability:

Booted out of the place, the thespians plan their revenge on the Empress:

The Empress gives a speech to her people:

And then onto tonight and Final Dress!

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Posted in General Production, Student Work on October 26th, 2017 by Eric Appleton

We’re in the middle of tech week and things keep rolling along.

Here is a pic of students setting up the groundrow:

Austin moves legs to their new positions:

There was a trunk from which two characters were supposed to pop, but it ended up too large for them to get out of. It was cut. So here’s Koy dismantling it:

I did some more work on the loom — here it is before I worked on it:

And then the six students who all pitched in to help paint it:


Student set designer Nathan works on painting the library side of the periaktoi:

And then Emily joins him:

That side, all done.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Posted in Lighting Design, Student Work on October 20th, 2017 by Eric Appleton

Time speeds on, and we’re on the verge of dry tech for “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” We’ve had a small dip in students able and willing to take on some of the technical responsibilities, so I’ve been the ME on this show.

Here are two pics from the other day, with Intro students Jack and Jacob working with Emily on some patch trouble shooting, and Intro student Nick on stage letting them know when the unit at hand turns on.