It’s the end of the semester, and our third show has come and gone already. “Ghosts” was directed by Bruce Cohen, and featured scenery by student Lilliana Gonzalez, and props by student Alex Carey. My big project on this one was painting the drop that hung upstage beyond the windows and French doors. Here’s one end of it still on the floor as I was completing it:

One of the props was a painting that had to be worked on (and we’re in thrust configuration, mind you) AND destroyed every night by the actor:

The director wanted to immerse the audience in the Alving’s living space, so we had walls that wrapped most of the way around the seating area. Also in this picture is the model of the school that serves as a major plot point, and serves as a focal point for the space:

Here’s a view upstage during one of the dress rehearsals:

And one that covers more of the playing space:

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