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Hey everyone, it’s your favorite Fitness Supervisor Ryan Harvot back again to slap some wellness knowledge on you! With the Holidays in full swing, I thought it would be a great time to talk about New Year’s resolutions. I know the average person’s idea of a resolution is often one of broken promises, but never fear Harv is here to help! I know the holiday season can prove tough to stick with your goals and making a lofty promise to yourself isn’t always the best decision. So check out some of these absolutely awesome tips!

Set your Goal

This is arguably the most important part about bringing your New Year resolution to completion. It is important to think of a goal that is achievable, setting a goal that is too lofty will be really difficult to accomplish. This can lead to feelings of doubt and leave you feeling, for lack of better words, really bummed out. Set a goal that you can control, using this strategy will always make you feel like you can have an effect on the thing you’re trying to achieve. It is also important to manage risk, doing this will prove to protect your overall health. Taking this from a wellness perspective it is important to know your limits, while it is awesome to push yourself you can seriously injure yourself if you go too hard.

What now?

You’ve set your goal, it’s achievable, and it isn’t too risky, now how do you stay on course? Fear, not loyal readers I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeves:

  1.    Accountability buddy

After the excitement of your achieving your goals has worn off, going to the gym, for example, can become a tedious task that is very easy to stop. The key to success after the excitement has worn is the ever coveted accountability buddy. The accountability buddy is someone that works with you during your resolution, working with a buddy makes it way easier to stick to a goal.

  1.    Calendar

Stop what you’re doing right now, put your laptop down, and go to whatever supermarket is closest to you and buy a calendar. Writing down the steps to your goal is an extremely good strategy to keep you on track. It can also help with planning out what you’re going to need to do ahead of time.

Hopefully, these tips will help you turn your Resolution into a Revolution!

Ryan Harvot

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