Recovery is super important! Whether you just had a really hard workout or you are mentally really tired, it is really important that you take care of your body. As a former student athlete I know how important it is to really take care of your body. Even just being a student, it is equally if not more important to keep your mind healthy as well. Below I listed a few tips in how I recovery both mentally and physically!

  1. Stretching!

This is the most underrated way to recover. It is important

not only stretch before you workout but also AFTER! A fun fact about about stretching after your workout is that can help you build muscle since you are still stretching the muscle fibers. It will also help get the lactic acid out of your muscles.

  1. Meditation/Sleep

Don’t doubt the power of meditation! Personally I never thought meditation would be helpful until I gave it a fair chance. You can find a bunch of free ones on Youtube that very all length. Also SLEEP. Sleep is really important to help your brain function properly. Make sure you are getting around 8 hours!


  1. Rolling out!

Rollers are the best thing ever. The best thing about these is you can find cheap ones online and most gyms have them. These rollers can help get rid of lactic acid and knots. Spend some time before and after your workout and it will help a lot.

Max Prospero

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