Planes, Trains, and the Flu

Ahh what a wonderful time of the year. So much joy, family, and sickness. Not only is it traveling season, but it’s also flu season and you know where it’s easiest to catch the flu? The airport. While everyone is gallivanting around, we tend to forget about our health. Are we going to let the flu stop us from traveling? No! Are we going to take precautions and watch out for our health? Yes!  

Before you travel:

The week or so before your flight take that Vitamin C and other various everyday vitamins that work for your immune system. This can help boost your immune system and fight off any potential future viruses. It helps to do this everyday anyways but if you don’t, I recommend doing so before a flight.

During this time it is a good idea to do a little exercise and eat some veggies. I don’t recommend drastically changing your everyday routine/diet during flu season but slight changes could do some good. Of course on top of all of this remember to sleep. This time of year can be stressful and sleep might be limited but it is so important to sleep. It is such a basic concept that we tend to always forget.

During Travel:

For starters, make sure to pack hand sanitizer and if you wanna go crazy, anti-bacterial wipes. This way you can sanitizer your hands (and your surroundings) always. Make sure not to constantly use it tough because rumor has it your hands will get accustomed to it meaning it won’t protect against germs as much. Which is why you need to make sure you wash your hands as much as possible.

It is also recommended to bring your own blankets and pillows rather than take the ones from the airplane. This is always good because who knows who used those and if they are actually cleaned well.

The last and most basic tip is to drink water, and i’m not talking your average amount! I mean a TON of water. Planes are so so so dry with the air they pump in and I know some people can swell up being in the air. Drinking a bunch of water before, during, and after the ride helps you avoid dehydration which in the end can lead to sickness.

Warhawk Fitness and Aquatics is not a healthcare service: always consult a doctor or physician if you are feeling sick.

*Side note: I actually got sick while writing this in an airport! How ironic and awful is that.*

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