Scary truth about Halloween candy

Halloween Candy PhotoBy: Eric Hess

It was just Halloween weekend, and I’m sure we all did our fair share of candy consumption. Ever wonder how much work you’ll have to do to burn off that whole bag of candy that you just devoured? You might rethink your next candy bar when you read how much it takes to burn off your favorite candy.

These results are for fun sized candy packages and are based on a 150 lb male doing the exercises.

Candy – Calories – Exercise Needed to Burn Off Calories
Skittles – 80 Calories – Walking for 16 minutes
Almond Joy – 80 Calories – Playing tennis for 12 minutes
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – 100 Calories – 5 minutes of a basketball game
Kit Kat – 73 calories – Swim for 10 minutes
3 Musketeers – 64 Calories – 7 minutes of Zumba
Tootsie Rolls – 50 Calories – Bowling for 14 minutes
Butterfinger – 85 Calories – Workout on an elliptical for 10 minutes
Baby Ruth – 85 Calories – Stretch for 16 minutes
Lollipops – 60 Calories – 26 minutes of Pilates

Those are just some of your favorite candies. If you want to see a more full list you can check out this website or if you were curious where I calculated the numbers of calories burned you can check out here. Now you don’t have to do any of those exercises but just be sure to get out there and burn them somehow now that Halloween is over. UWW offers many of great group classes if you have never been to one check out a schedule here.

-Yesterday You Said Tomorrow-
-Eric Hess

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