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Setting a new habit is one of the hardest things anyone can do. It takes on average 2-3 weeks of doing something everyday, consistently to make it a new full fledged habit. So this week’s blog is aimed at all … Continue reading

Fall Into Fun!

It is probably about a 50/50 split on those that truly enjoy the season of fall. You have your basic girls that love the pumpkin lattes and are SO pumped to wear their boots and sweaters. Then, you have your fall enthusiasts that enjoy the season for the wonderful activities that come with it.

I have spent the last few college years enjoying the boots and sweater part of fall, but now it is time to enjoy the weather and activities. I doubt many of you know of the different near-by locations that have fall activities, so I wanted to put them all together for you so you can enjoy this beautiful season with some fun fall events.

Shuster's farmOne of the most popular locations near Whitewater to have some fall fun is Schuster’s Farm. It is located about 25 miles away from campus, but totally worth the drive. They offer the following: corn maze, pumpkin patch, pig races, farm animals, a corn cannon, a haunted forest, and more!

Another great location is Busy Barns Adventure Farm located in Fort Atkinson, so a bit busy barncloser. The offer hay wagon rides, a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and a Rooster Run. They are only open on the weekends, although it is a great, close location that can help you find your perfect pumpkin or corn maze adventure!



skelly's farmIf you are really interested in corn mazes, then Skelly’s Farm Market is the place for you! They are located just outside of Janesville, WI, and have been around for 15+ years offering a variety of different corn mazes. They also have fresh produce you can buy and many other activities throughout the fall season!

And lastly, have you ever heard of the Fuzzy Pig? During the summer, they are a cute, fuzzy pigcountry store and restaurant located just outside of Whitewater. In the fall, they are the scariest haunted houses within 100 miles of campus. Check out their creepy houses here!

One of the greatest things about living in Wisconsin is enjoying the change of seasons. That means, even if it is 50 degrees out, go outside and enjoy it! Carve pumpkins and get lost in corn mazes.

So pick your favorite location, throw on some boots and a sweater, grab your pumpkin latte, and have some fun!

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on going.”


Discover Whitewater Series

Discover WW Series Photo1By: Mary Marren
This week I’d like to talk about the Discover Whitewater Series that took place in Whitewater on Sunday September 22nd, 2013. The event was put on by The Greater Whitewater Committee, Inc. and was open to the public to participate. The event was held according the official website, “To promote tourism to the city and show participants all that Whitewater has to offer.” Let me tell you, they pulled it off. Hundreds of people came out to participate in the half marathon, 5k, or Fit Kid Shuffle, and had a blast doing it.

Although I didn’t get the opportunity to participate this year, it was such a thrill to be able to go and support local members of the community! If getting to know your city better wasn’t enough incentive, the event also gave medals to all of the participates, as well as prizes for the top finishers. So my challenge to you is to sign up next year and rise to the occasion of competing in a local race. If you “like” the group “Run Whitewater” on Facebook, you can get updates on next year’s race and general running information. 

The races began at the Whitewater high school and led the participants through a scenic route of Whitewater including The University, Fairhaven’s Prairie Village, the Whitewater Industrial Park and Whitewater University Technology Park. This route allowed the participants to see more than just Main Street and really appreciate the beauty of Whitewater!

Discover WW Series Photo2If you have ever thought about signing up for a race but have felt a little bit too intimidated (like me), let me assure you that it is not intimidating at all. The whole event is filled with music, laughter, and you are greeted at the finish line with cheerful, clapping volunteers who hang a medal around your neck. People of all ages came out to the event to rise to the challenge, and when I say all ages I mean anywhere from 3 years old to 60+ years old. So do yourself a favor and don’t let fear hold you back. Give it a try; there was never any harm in trying!

The event donates all of the proceeds to “five local organizations in an effort to build a stronger community.” The Bethel House, UW-Whitewater Field & Cross Country, W3 (Working for Whitewater’s Wellness), Whitewater Unified School District and the Whitewater Aquatic Center.

Feeling interested and want to check it out for yourself? Visit their website today!

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong,
-Mary Marren

Be Adventurous—exploring your environment

Be adventurous PhotoBy: Mary Marren

Fall is the perfect time for exploring and letting your inner-child out to play. The weather is perfect! Whether that is vacationing or exploring your local community, I know often times when I visit new places I put exercising on hold for the duration of the trip.  Maybe you have too? Making justifications like, “This is vacation, so I can take some time away from my daily exercise routine and just relax.” Well what if I told you that although I’ve thought the exact same thoughts, I recently discovered the opposite to be true! There is no better time to exercise than when you’re on vacation. Now before you assume I am crazy for saying such things, hear me out.

I relocated to Florida for the summer, leaving my friends, my regular gym, and my usual and comforting surroundings. ‘What a perfect time to switch up my exercise routine’, I thought to myself—new surroundings, new activities, and new experiences. When you place yourself into a new environment it gets you out of the everyday routine and leaves you with new and exciting options.  Even just going for a run can be exciting, because although the exercise is the same, the setting and environment are completely different. Being in Florida I can go swim in the ocean, or take a hike through a state park. But this doesn’t only apply to me; it applies to anyone in a different surrounding!

Let’s say you are planning a trip where you may stay in a hotel—go check out the city on the fly by going for a jog. A double bonus to running through the city is that you can check out what the town has to offer. Not big on running? Go for a swim in the hotel pool or a walk with a friend. What about a camping trip with some buddies? This is the perfect time to take advantage of the outdoors by renting a kayak or canoe. It doesn’t matter which exercise you chose to do, just get up and do something!

When you exercise in a new and exciting place it is easier to look at working out as a reward verses a chore. You get to be adventurous and explore the place you’re vacationing to while maintaining your daily exercise routine! I’m not saying that it isn’t nice to take some time for yourself from time to time. Once in a while taking a day off and rewarding yourself to some down time for all of your hard work that week can be relaxing and rejuvenating. I am suggesting, however, that if you do have a vacation planned or are temporarily relocating like me, don’t be afraid to explore!

No vacations planned anytime soon? No worries! Explore the place you already call home. Run a different path, join a fitness class you’ve never done before, or find some local activity that your town has to offer. If you are saying to yourself that your town is boring and doesn’t have much to offer, well let me tell you. Even Whitewater, WI offers hang gliding lessons, several nature reserves and state parks to explore while hiking, cross country skiing trails, swimming pools, and more. If you search hard enough, I’m positive there is some sort of new and exciting way to exercise, so be adventurous and get out there!

Stay healthy, Stay Strong.
-Mary Marren