Spring break alternatives: Making the most of your week at home

Spring Break PhotoBy: Eric Hess

A good amount of our friends will be heading somewhere warm for spring break, and while you may be regretting passing up the opportunity to go on vacation, I have some pretty great ideas to help fill your time.  I’m not talking about working or doing homework…save that for the semester!! Here are some ideas you may not have thought of:

Workout. While everyone will be enjoying themselves on the beach in PCB, you will be working hard and looking great in the gym. Just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean that you should sit around and do nothing for a week. Start your days off right by getting a workout in and be productive for the rest of your day while you’re at it.

Volunteer. Here at UWW, many degrees require volunteer hours, and why not get it all done in one week, rather than piling yet another thing on your to-do list during the semester. Even if you don’t have to for your major, doing some good for your community is always greatly appreciated.

Visit Family. Most of us have that loving, but nagging, aunt, little sibling, or maybe even older sibling who you haven’t seen in weeks. Perhaps you should pay them a visit, and what better time than a week of nothing better to do. It will give you something to do, and they will love seeing your face!

Movie Night. Give yourself a break from the stressful semester you’ve been having, and just relax. If you don’t like movies, do something else that you do enjoy, like ice-skating for example. Get in touch with some friends from home that you haven’t seen in a while. Basically, what I’m saying here is do something you have been wanting or meaning to do, but just haven’t had the time or resources. Now is the time!! Have some fun; you deserve it!!

What else will you be doing over spring break if you are not going on vaca? We love hearing from our readers!

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Eric Hess

Pulling Tabs for a Purpose

Tabs photoBy: Kenzi Weidman

It took me a long time to think about what I wanted you readers to know about this week. As I started thinking, I realized that I am always writing about how you can make yourself better, whether in the aspect of fitness, health, or eating habits. So this time, let’s talk about making someone else’s life better.

Have any of you ever heard of the Ronald McDonald House?
The Ronald McDonald House is an independent, non-profit organization that acts as a “home” for families that have children that are being hospitalized for treatments. It is a place for the families to rest, shower, sleep, or relax while still being close to their loved one. The best part about it, there is NO COST for the families!

How many Ronald McDonald Houses are there and where are they located?
Currently, there are 322 Ronald McDonald houses in over 52 countries around the world. That amounts to over 7,200 bedrooms that families are able to use each night. There is a substantial cost to operate these houses every day, and they rely on donations to make a lot of this happen!

What can you do to help?
Every semester, Warhawk Fitness and Aquatics saves their can tabs, or “pop tabs”— soda, beer, juice, soup or any other item that has a fully aluminum tab—to donate to this amazing charity. The tabs are sent to the Ronald McDonald House and they cash them in for money to be put towards the costs of housing each family that is in need.

In my opinion, this charity is not only one of the most amazing programs that helps families in tough emotional and financial situations, but it is also one that can always benefit from donations! Collect your tabs, and turn them in to either the Williams Center, the University Fitness Center in the Wells basement, or contact me directly and I will GLADLY take them off your hands.

Currently, I have my ENTIRE family collecting tabs, along with area bars. It is so simple to just pop the tab off, and save it for a cause that truly needs out help.

If you have any further questions regarding our “Pop Tab Wars”, please contact me, Kenzi Weidman. Visit this link to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House  

Are you up for the challenge? Prove your dedication to Warhawk Fitness and help us help those in need!

“Always remember, it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on going.”
-Kenzi Weidman