Stay Active, Play Club


            Were back Warhawks with continuing the fitness trend and trying to keep active in multiple, fun and different ways. Sports are a great way to get an awesome workout, meet new people and continue to play something individuals are passionate about. Even if you don’t play for Whitewater, that doesn’t mean your career of playing your sport is over or that you can’t play it anymore. Being a part of club sports is a great away to continue your workout and play a sport you love. Whitewater and the Williams Center offers a variety of club sports that you can find below (and click the link below for more information).

Aikido/martial Arts


Basketball (men and women’s)



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Disc Golf

Ducks Unlimited 






Lacrosse (men and women’s)

Officials Associations

Outdoor Adventure


Rugby (men and women’s)

Soccer (men and women’s)



Ultimate Frisbee (Men)

Volley ball (men and women’s)


            Club sports are a great way for students like ourselves to stay active. It is common for some students be less active while in college. Joining a club sport can help students stay motivated, get a nice workout in, and participate in an activity that you and others enjoy. Being active can really benefit your help so by participating in something that you enjoy doing, it won’t feel as much as a workout, but rather than a fun experience. Joining a club sport can bring more then just a personal wellness or physical activity benefits, but help individuals grow personally and socially. Students can meet more people, build relationships and friendships, and build some skills with working with a team to apply in their professional and personal life. If you don’t see a club you are interested in or have something else you want, you can let Warhawk fitness know, they want you to have an awesome experience. Even if you aren’t the best at the sport, but love playing, you should continue to try and grow as a student, person, athlete and individual. Continue to work on your health and stay active while also participating in something you love and or passionate about!

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Emma O’Connor

Benefits of Yoga vs. Gym Workouts

Going to the gym has always been the “standard” place to get your workout in.  Besides recently new at home workout remedies along with programmed bikes/treadmills, working out and lifting weights at a workout facility was the place to be and the norm for “getting fit.” However, yoga workouts have skyrocketed in popularity within the last few years.  More and more athletes, celebrities and everyday people are appreciating the true benefits, mentally and physically, about yoga.  In today’s blog, I’ll be listing the differences and benefits between a yoga workout and a gym workout in hopes it will inspire you to try something new and learn some valuable information.


Benefits: Explanation:
1) Yoga benefits the
mind, body, and
Yoga not only helps you tone your muscles but also focuses on
bringing awareness to your whole body and inject positive
into yourself. A gym workout really only focuses on improving
your body’s physical condition.
2) Yoga will make
you lean
Yoga stretches and strengthens your muscles
simultaneously which causes you to appear more lean.  When lifting weights, that causes your muscles to bulk up and look
3) Yoga is more
Yoga relies on your whole entire body for strengthening.
Gym workouts use weights and equipment (with only a few exceptions). In yoga, you use your entire body weight as“weights.” Unlike at the gym, your muscles are isolated by being worked individually which can take more time to build.
4) Yoga is calming/reduces stress/improves concentration Yoga focuses on connecting your mind, body and spirit into
one workout.(And if you haven’t tried it, it’s harder than you
You have to focus on performing everything with intention
while following and paying attention to your breathing. 
Feeling each movement and muscles of your body being


Benefits: Explanation:
1) Wide variety of workouts you can do While at the gym, you have a large selection of equipment and space to use to create your own workout.  With yoga, it normally follows a standard format.
2) Builds
you bulk
At the gym, you normally use weights or equipment to break down your muscles so they can build back up bigger and stronger. With yoga, the practice strengthens and stretches your body instead.
3) Can be too
rigorous or
harmful to your
Going to the gym and doing intense weight lifting or cardio can be harmful to your body.  Yoga helps all aspects of your body by engaging your muscles, brain, and breathing.
4) Going to the gym allows you to potentially burn calories and sweat more When working out at a high intensity, your body burns more calories and makes you sweat more.  The can help with weight loss, circulation, and purging toxins in your body.  Unlike yoga where you are purposely trying to lower your heart rate and calm your mind/body.

Some people may still not be a fan of taking a yoga class or consider it a real workout.  However, if you haven’t already, check out Warhawk Group Fitness Yoga classes hosted everyday in the dance studio at the Williams Center!  Obviously there is always more to learn about completing workouts in the gym or by doing yoga so if you’re interested, learn more about the topics here:

As always, stay fit, stay healthy, stay beautiful, Warhawks!

Talk soon,


Savor Summer Memories

            Memories play a huge part in how we make sense, cope and react to the others around us in the world. Summer is typically the time when most of us make those ever lasting memories and as always, it comes and goes so fast Warhawks! We have only a couple weeks left till school starts and for most of us, we are trying to soak up the last Continue reading

The PERKS of Coffee

Coffee photoAre you one of those people that can’t go a day without their morning “cup of Joe?” Well I sure am! Coffee keeps me normal and allows me to function. Am I addicted? Possibly. There are the myths out there that “coffee will stunt your growth” or “it causes heart disease and cancer.” With these risks at hand, I thought maybe I should quit drinking it and find a new morning pick-me-up. Then I researched the health benefits of coffee and thought again. Here is what I found:

  • Coffee helps protect your brain. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Studies show that even just the smell of coffee can stimulate the brain and reduce stress caused from lack of sleep.
  • Coffee helps your skin glow. It also helps your skin from developing skin cancer. Coffee gives you energy, which makes your body more rejuvenated causing you to look more fresh and ready for your day.
  • Coffee helps clean out your body. Those that drink coffee have a lower risk of prostate cancer because the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that forces the toxins and stool out of your system. The antioxidants in coffee also help prevent liver disease.
  • Coffee helps keeps you slim. The caffeine in coffee is known to speed up your metabolism and allow the process of fat burning to quicken. This allows a person to lower their risk of type 2 diabetes and also obesity. If you stay away from all the creamer, sugar, sweeteners, and flavorings, then coffee is one of the lowest-calorie drinks around.

Now that you read all of the positive facts when it comes to consuming coffee, here are some not so pleasant things to remember.

  • Those people that drink four or more cups of coffee per day could start to become restless, irritable, and can cause great anxiety when it comes to daily life tasks. High consumption of unfiltered coffee is associated with elevations in individuals’ cholesterol levels.
  • Keep your coffee drinking to 1-4 cups per day and you may experience some positive benefits. Anything beyond that can cause you to become addicted and dependent, making those days without caffeine absolutely miserable! Remember, “1” cup of coffee means 8 oz. So filling up your thermos four times is definitely more than you should be consuming, so be mindful!

Keep in mind the motto “everything is good for you in moderation” and you will have no problems. So whether you drink coffee now, or you have thought about giving it a try, do it! The benefits are great and the TASTE is even better.

“Always remember that it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you keep on going”
~Kenzi Weidman

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